Visual is Critical

A story in a picture. Because of the dramatic shift towards visual communication the storytelling properties of a picture today is becoming more than just important – it is critical to being noticed and understood. The ‘creative’ picture today is not just an image that looks cool and requires little justification other than supporting the verbal message, it has to be immediately communicative telling its own story.Face

In this case we were asked to create an image that depicted the dual personality of our client’s store in Cape Town.

Their selling proposition is that they sell fine African origin gems and jewellery as well as traditional and authentic African Artifacts appealing to the tourist market. We photographed a classic African model who is contemporary and cosmopolitan on one side and traditional/tribal on the other. This image has become representative of the brand positioning.


Even images used in infograms are now focusing less on words and more on imagery. There is so much information out there that consumers need to process the data much more rapidly, and it is well known that images transfer information 60 000 times faster than words (, so it is natural that images create the first impression when communicating. Images are also more easily memorized so your message stands to enjoy a longer more impressionable life

However, you now have to be very careful what your images say! It is easy to avoid innuendo and ambiguity with words, but not so easy with images. Think and plan carefully when using imagery to tell your story.


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