Strategy is asking questions…

strat3…and getting answers you never expected!!
What are the typical questions one asks when plotting your current corporate situation?

  1. Who are we?
  2. What are we doing?
  3. Where are we going?
  4. Where do we want to go?
  5. How do we change to get there?
  6. How do we measure it?

The process of self-analysis is led with these six key questions and as you drill down with further questions from each one you discover stark realities, many of them being answers that reveal the opposite of what you originally planned.

Every organisation gets sidetracked by circumstance, it can’t be helped, and the bigger the company the more prone they are to it. But when re-looking your corporate strategy two distinct realities always emerge:

  1. You discover that many of the answers to your questions reveal activities that are chewing on your resources and productivity and, in the interest of profitability, you can most certainly do without.
  2. A remarkable amount of opportunities emerge that you have simply stumbled past in the pursuit of your diabolically busy calendar.

Creating the time for answers
The challenge comes in finding the opportunity to critically review the activities of your company on a regular basis. “Oh, I’ll do that at the next annual conference”, you tell yourself. But hello. this is now 2015, and maybe you didn’t notice but strategies change at the speed of technology these days and once a year very dangerously inadequate.

Strategy in today’s world is an ongoing process that needs to be strictly scheduled into frequent review & planning meetings, not just to avoid the stumbling blocks, but also to see the opportunities available to stay ahead. I know this may all sound a bit “I’ve heard it before”, but consider that it is the very real growth factor in your business right now, and without it the decline has already begun.

Article: Chris van Rooyen :


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