The Customer Experience



We’ve all heard the expression “You only get one chance to create a first impression”. But is that impression a good or a bad one? Your company’s future will depend on it. A good impression will last a long time, but so will a bad one…only longer!

Every business communicates with the public at large in a multitude of ways. It may be the receptionist, the delivery man, the security lady at the gate, a press advert, a salesperson, a business card, a brochure or social media. Communication as a whole is the lifeline that connects your business with your customer. Communication creates an ongoing ‘conversation’ with your customer that builds credibility and trust. How else does your customer know who you are, why you exist, what you do, why it is different, how they can get it, what it means to them, what it means to the community, what makes you special, etc.

Every single time your business engages with the public it generates an ‘experience’.

This experience translates into a positive, indifferent or negative memory of the business. Each experience is unconsciously and/or consciously perceived by the public to be either favorable and applicable to them, or the opposite. Coffee aroma in a coffee shop is a favorable experience, and bad smells in a grocery store are negative

This is the Brick Moon universe i.e. many years of experience helping companies to “say the right thing”.

Communication strategies in companies do not only revolve around putting an advert in a paper or launching a Facebook profile. The task is far more intrinsic to the company as a whole than most companies care to realise:

Hiring people with the right attitude is the new corporate AND communication imperative. Companies filled with positive people communicate twenty five times more effectively with their customers than those that just meet expectations, and indefinably more than those that are even mildly negative.Training people to become a willing part of and live the corporate promise both in and out of the company. Customer service is about bringing the corporate promise to life!

Media communication has the potential to expose you dangerously. There’s an old advertising proverb that says “Beware when you advertise, someone may actually see it”. If someone sees your advertising what does your message leave behind? It’s not just about saying something, it’s about proving something. Do you live up to your advertising? As an example I think I can safely say without much contradiction that banks seldom live up to their advertising.

My pet hate is the “receptionist from hell!” And it doesn’t mean that s/he may be loud and abrasive, but also indifferent and helpless. Your frontline staff are the most important to your business. By ‘frontline staff’ I mean any individual that regularly engages in any way with your customers or suppliers. Your delivery guy, your receptionist, your security people at the front gate (even if they are not yours), your sales staff, your client executives – even your staff in general when they are in public or attending events etc. Your people are your business and their bahavior will affect the way the customer perceives you.


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