Don’t lead your salespeople to sales, lead them to success.

It is the habit of companies, large and small, to motivate their salespeople by driving them to make sales i.e. setting targets and putting pressure on them to achieve those targets. For most companies this is all they do. They give a salesperson some background on their product or service, then put them on the sales-floor or send them off to clients with no more of a brief than just “sell!” This methodology forces the salesperson to focus only on the activity of selling, and not on the vision of being successful. The difference between the two trains of thought is that the first results in a salesperson, and the second results in a successful salesperson. The first achieves sales and maintains minimum results, and the second builds customers and achieves maximum results i.e. growth. The first keeps the company going, the second takes the company to the next level.

Being a successful salesperson requires more than just sales skills; it requires a different kind of thinking. And more often than not all a salesperson needs is to be guided to a different perspective, a new approach not just to how to sell better, but how to achieve better.


The benefits are obvious really. Instead of the salesperson doing the minimum to help the company achieve sales, they begin doing the maximum to help themselves build a career – and in so doing they grow the business optimally, not minimally.

More often than not one of the stumbling blocks salespeople face is the type of training they get. In most cases it is predominantly of an academic nature, rather than an attitude shift. For example they may be told how to keep a diary effectively and fill in all their schedules, but do they they take ownership of that time? Do they see it as company time, or their own time?

Does your training just teach you more knowledge? Or does it motivate you to succeed?

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