Edward Hale - Author of Brick Moon

Credit to Edward Hale: “The Brick Moon” is a book written by Edward Everett Hale in the 1860’s conceptually creating the first known fictional description of an artificial satellite. Hale was an American author, historian and clergyman. His brilliance was evident when he was enrolled at Harvard University at age thirteen (he graduated second in his class). Hale’s work influenced people like Jules Verne, the famous science fiction author.

The book is a quirky, humorous story of how a band of like-minded people combined their talents to create a satellite on a set orbit around the Earth, so that all travelers would have a fixed point they could rely on to establish their true position. The story tells of how they created the satellite out of available resources, shared their knowledge and skills, found innovative ways to communicate in the most difficult situations, and approached new challenges with new ideas.

This is essentially the story behind our company. Brick Moon presents unique but practical ways to guide companies through the cosmic storm of commercialism and information that confuses and rules the market-space out there. Brick Moon is a marketing facilitation service to companies seeking new and opportunistic directions for marketing their products or services or people. Through collaborative knowledge and skill sharing we help to establish ‘true position’ for a company to find realistic but innovative marketing solutions.



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