Essentially our services revolve around creating meaningful market awareness and corporate impression for any size of company.

Large business may need time and input for a Marketing Audit, or a more cost effective media strategy. Medium business may require a Marketing Strategy and holistic communication planning to go to the next level. Small business may need help with reaching and attracting new customers with small budgets.


  • Creative Solutions (Added value options)
  • Communication Strategy (Carrots to attract and keep your customer)
  • Marketing Facilitation (Guiding the Internal and External Marketing Process)
  • Customer Service Training Facilitation (Training for Sales Results)
  • Social Media Perspective (Optimising your Social Network)
  • Strategic Promotions & Events (Bringing the brand to life)
  • Formal Media (Choosing the right media to reach your customer)

An Economic Perspective

The current economy is taking its toll on the marketing departments of companies of all sizes.

“Overheads are challenged by the cost of staffing and administering dedicated marketing departments.”

Two things are happening: companies are forced to downsize or eliminate their marketing departments, or they are staffing with less experienced but less expensive marketing staff. But, the dilemma is that the marketing still has to be done, and more aggressively at that. Something’s gotta give.

The good news is that you do not have to compromise on the standards of your marketing efforts. We believe outsourcing experienced expertise can always be a more cost-effective option. It makes sense doesn’t it?

Creative perspective

To be competitive in business the process of thinking differently has become the life blood of success. The business environment changes by the minute and if managers are caught up being “too busy…” to do constant reasessments of their strategic marketing environment then there is the distinct possiblity of falling behind the eight ball.

“Finding a ‘creative solution’ in business does not mean finding a ‘whacky’ solution.”

Being creative means thinking differently, an essential part of change which in turn is an essential part of business. It involves turning ones thoughts from linear to 3D to find a practical solution from a different angle.

Brick Moon specialises in ideas that work, in turning negatives into positives.

Brick-solid Planning

All Brick Moon senior management have worked on ‘both sides of the marketing fence’ i.e. corporate marketing and strategic brand advertising. Because of this we are geared to offer realistic and practical planning and execution.

“Our services are unbiased, objective, solutions-based and,  where necessary, brutally honest.”

Planning is based on a ‘third-eye’ perspective and a solid understanding of the Marketing objectives and dynamics within your company and its related industry. But don’t expect us to just roll over and give you what you want to hear. Creative solutions don’t always offer a pretty picture 🙂

Compatibility and Synergy

Brick Moon provides a fully outsourced service. We can either synergise with our client’s current agency, offer full service marketing & advertising, work short-term on projects or assist with a divisional team. We tackle the objective from the beginning, analyse an already established program, streamline a failing strategy, take up a ‘Cinderella’ project that has potential and catapult it into orbit.

“In short, Brick Moon adds value to most marketing perspectives.”

Our team has brick-solid experience across the full marketing spectrum, from product or service innovation and development to final media roll-out. We are extremely competitive on price with a policy of quality and value.

Human Resources 

We offer a cost structure that suits your needs, or that of the project, without compromising the level of service offered. A team of two highly experienced Marketing guys with an economical, established and proven network of suppliers from media to production, analytics to strategy, digital to engagement, at the cost of one or two personnel.

Now it is possible to outsource high level expertise with a tailored budget.”

This gives your current executives time to think and/or allows less experienced staff the opportunity to learn and grow through exposure to senior expertise and proactive thinking. It’s a win-win.


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